Complete Examination & Treatment Planning:

To establish you as a patient of record with our practice a comprehensive examination is required and will be performed by Dr. Nooshan Mirhadi or Dr. Jennifer Gee Schoon-Tong.

Comprehensive examinations allow us to become familiar with your dental health, needs, and conditions but most importantly allows us to get to know you: your health, your medical history, allergies, habits, and address your chief concerns. In addition to a visual examination, digital radiographs are usually requested to give our providers the best and most accurate information possible for diagnoses and plan for your care.

A plan and sequence will always be presented to you: taking into account all the discussions and findings during your exam. From the most ideal plans to the most practical, we want you to understand your options, be involved and educated about our recommendations and make the most informed decisions about your treatment with our office.

We are always available to you should you have any questions or concerns about you treatment plan, so please do not hesitate to call us or email us.


Examination Chair & Evaluation

Examination Chair & Evaluation